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Why does FOWF exist?
Why does FOWF exist?

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This page contains a list of major projects either initiated or managed by the Future of Work Foundation - to become involved or to find out more details, click in the relevant space. 

Collaboration Centres

building the home of the Future of Work Foundation

Futures Circles

creating opportunities for all Australians to create their future

Bringing the Future to You

connecting with the happening people - making information and interaction accessible

The Consultants

consultants leveraging the intellectual property of the Foundation and creating a peer-to-peer network

Let's create an unemployment free zone

taking the first steps towards implementing the FOWF vision for the future of work

Australia's first work brokerage

creating the structures through which people will interact with paid employment


The Zukunft - how Australians feel about the future

a longitudinal study of Australians' attitudes to their future

Codes of practice for the future workplace

putting the FOWF vision into corporate boardrooms and canteens


The mission of the Future of Work Foundation is : " to engage all Australians in creating a better future for work"