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The Future Speaks to You is the public speaking arm of the Future of

Work Foundation.

Since its inception in 1993 the Future of Work Foundation has provided

speakers to audiences of all shapes and sizes across Australia and into

the rest of the world.

We have spoken:

to audiences from such large Australian and international corporations




National Australia Bank

Australian Taxation Office


Asea Brown Boveri


in communities from Cairns to Perth (and many places in between)

to groups such as

the Williamson Community Leadership Program

Rotary District Conferences

The InterChurch Trade and Industry Mission

The Salvation Army

and been heard throughout North, Central and South America on an

innovative interactive program produced by the International Training

Centre at San Diego University

plus many others too numerous to mention here.

We have provided speakers to audiences of less than ten all the way up

to 5,000.

We know about the current world of work and employment, and how to

create a better world.


The mission of the Future of Work Foundation is : " to engage all Australians in creating a better future for work"