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Future of Work Foundation - The Vision

Work will mean something very different in 2020.

In fact, we may have so marginalised the word "work" that the word itself may not exist in 2020.


Work will mean something to which every adult can and will aspire, for the whole of their adult life.

In fact, we will probably see children begin to "work" at a very early age.

Retirement as we know it now will no longer exist.


The very fabric of Australian society will be characterised by the work that people do and the rewards which they receive for that work.

Money as a unit of exchange will be much less influential in 2020.

Whatever units of exchange do exist, they will reward the totality of work not just the current "GDP" type of work


A significant number of Australians will be working in jobs very similar to those they are in today

More work will need to be done to identify growth industries and to identify industries which will have less impact in 2020.


but those who do not will not be marginalised.


Many things which are now not considered to be "work" will very much be work (and rewarded work) in 2020.


Societal structures closely linked to work will have undergone radical change.


Education will become all encompassing, seamless and lifelong.

Politics will become an activity which engages many more Australians, though the methods of engagement will be very different.

The legal structure will be relevant to the future not repeating the past, and will become a harbinger of change.

There will be a considerable increase in community based industries which are internationally competitive.

Global corporations will control mass markets, though these will become of lesser importance.


Work will cease to be something someone else gives you

and will come to mean those things you choose with others to do because they add value to your community and to your country


      The mission of the Future of Work Foundation is :
" to engage all Australians in creating a better future for work"