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The Melbourne office of the Future of  Work Foundation contains an extremely comprehensive resource base on the past and future of work – including books, audiovisual material, written articles and web resources.  

This can be accessed by appointment.

 FOWF has also produced a Cdrom entitled “Exploring the Changing World of Work” which can be ordered from the Foundation for $49.95 including GST

On this CD you will find information on:


Quotes from more than 100 books on:
* the evolution of work
* unemployment
* work / life balance
* the future of work
* the future role of business
* creating the future

Press Clippings

Quotes from more than 1,000 newspaper and magazine articles from 1992 to 2003


Articles from a variety of authors:

* Charles A. Brass
* Australian authors
* Reports on government enquiries
* Overseas authors


Listing of websites and discussion groups devoted to the future of work.


* Poetry
* Cartoons

To order, write to: 

Futures Foundation
PO Box 122
Fairfield VIC 3078

Or Email:


Who is FOWF? 

Who is FOWF?

What does FOWF do?  
What does FOWF do?
Why does FOWF exist? 
Why does FOWF exist?
How to contact FOWF

Contact FOWF

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